15 HR Tech must-reads from January 2021

After a holiday break, we’re back with the best reads across the HR blogosphere from January. We’re always scouring the net for the best new insights that keep us on the forefront of HR Tech. 

Highlights from this month’s round-up include:

  • Recruiting trends that will stick around after COVID.
  • Survey data about salary transparency.
  • The growing impact of data in HR.

Keep scrolling for all that and more!

  • Ever consider that premium content could change how we learn? Johnny Campbell, CEO of Social Talent, likens the future of learning and development strategies to services like Netflix and Peloton in a recent blog post. 
  • Lars Schmidt shares some advice for building a career as an HR operator on eightfold.ai’s blog. He shares ten helpful tips for any HR practitioner, including prioritizing learning and building a good reputation. 
  • Liz Lewis shares findings from a recent Indeed survey, concluding that salary transparency and
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5 Reasons Why Text Recruiting is the Present – and the Future

The average attention span of any millennial is about 8 seconds. With millennials being the fastest-growing group of candidates, it’s important for recruiters to communicate on the same wavelength.

93% of millennials own a smartphone and spend a lot of time checking their texts and social media. This makes a great opportunity for recruiters to reach these candidates – and future generations.

Text recruiting is hot in the recruiting space for this reason and will continue to grow in popularity due to its efficiency and usefulness.

Let’s take a look at why text recruiting is a must-have for every recruiting strategy.

It’s fast, easy, and convenient

The convenience and accessibility that text recruiting provides are unparalleled. Text recruiting provides an avenue of communication on the go, meaning recruiters and candidates can stay engaged at any time, and from anywhere. Recruiters can share and promote new job opportunities within seconds, and … Read more

An Essential Guide For Building An Effective Student Program

We have written series about all the work that recruiters have to do in the short time that students apply, interview and accept offers, but all those hard work will be in vain if the students are not interested in the company in the first place. An effective student ambassador program can solve such a problem – which is one of the most common problems faced by recruiters: How can we ignite students’ interest in our company?

I. Benefits of Student Ambassador Program

Recruiters can adopt Student Ambassador Program as a powerful tool to tackle various challenges arising throughout the recruitment campaigns. These are the top 03 challenges in the recruitment process that can be solved with a well-curated Student Ambassador program.

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1. Promoting Company Brand

According to a report conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), employer branding … Read more

Job Fair: The Ultimate Guideline for Employers

Technological progression makes people argue that doing things online is better and job fairs should be no exception. Both recruiters and job seekers can join with a computer set at home, a groomed face, a formal vest, a decent background, and then ready for the virtual job fair or even a job interview. Are they wearing shorts? Unpleasant body odor? Or even half-naked? Who knows and who cares? But not for the traditional offline job fair where both of them have to make more thorough preparation.

While it is true that companies are taking advantage of modern tools, the fact that on average over 200 organizations and around 1400 job seekers joined per career fair show great potential and competitiveness of traditional job fairs. This guide will help organizations get a good grasp of the concept of job fairs and excel in these ‘old but gold’ events.

Job Fair 101

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Is A Merchant Cash Advance Right For Your SMB?

Merchant cash advance providers essentially inject cash into your SMB in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of your sales. These are sales paid for using a credit card. It’s why the provider requires you to use a credit card processor from their recommendation list.

Still, as advantageous as a merchant cash advance is, should you take one for your business? Is it the right source of quick capital when you need money, or should you apply for a loan?

Truthfully, a merchant cash advance has both advantages and disadvantages that you must weigh before applying. These will help you evaluate whether the risk is worth it or it’s better to seek another source of funding.

Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance

1. Fast Processing Rate

Depending on your credit card sales volume, you can receive a large sum of money fast to inject into your business. The only requirements are Read more