Key Features of HRMS

Key Features of HRMS Software

Having the right HR software for your business can be a game changer.  But more often than not, the choices can be overwhelming–particularly for human resource teams trying to wade through tech-heavy specs and options while also managing employee relations issues, open enrollment, and everything else on your plate!

To help your HR team in their research process, we wanted to lay out the key features of HR management systems (HRMSs). While each HRMS is unique in its own way, there are several key items that human resource teams should pay close attention to.

Here’s a look at the role HRMSs can play in your organization and the most popular HRMS features HR teams should look out for.

Why an HRMS?

Before we launch into the world of HRMS features and platforms, let’s back up a step. If you are new to the research process, … Read more

How to source on the lesser known sites!! Podnetwork!!

The POD Network is North America’s largest educational development community,

supporting more than 1,400 members representing every US state and more than 30

countries, to develop professionally through meaningful and sustained interaction.  The POD

Network is a little-known site and few have tried to source in it. Well to do this without worry

you need go no further than into your bag of tricks and pull out an old tried and true tool,

called x-raying.


So, to source within POD Network you simply need to create an x-ray string, like the one below. 


If you run the strings above in google you will get the results below.

Now some are resumes, others are documents that can lead you to the info on the writer who is a member. All you need to do is click on any URL and you will see some great info; all you need to … Read more

Fresh Tech Fridays: New HR Tech to Check Out in June

Welcome to our first installment of Fresh Tech Fridays! The vast majority of the people who read our blog are self described “HR Tech Nerds” who want to stay on top of the latest in our industry.

fresh tech fridays

So, the first Friday of the month we’ll be featuring totally new companies to put on your radar, along with new releases from some of the best HR software vendors out there.

In no particular order, here’s this month crop of Fresh Tech:

Paradox Virtual Hiring Events: Handshakes and Hellos From The Comfort Of Your Desk

Talent teams are facing new challenges as hiring virtually has become the current expectation. Paradox launched an enhanced version of Virtual Hiring Events this Spring. With the candidate and recruiter experience in mind, Paradox ditched forms and logins. Your candidates expect

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Work always flows horizontally not Vertically

Many organizations believe that the most effective way to run an organization is to construct the flow of information from the top down. This leads to an environment of silos. The problem is that silo is not the way the processes flow. They are constructed in a chain with each link of the chain feeding the next one.

All processes begin with the creator of the component of the end product or service which when combined with other components result in the product or service which you deliver to your end user i.e. the customer.

Think about the mountain stream. The water flow down pulled by the pull of gravity. In rare circumstances the flow may be in reverse but it is always in a continuous flow. In the supply chain that flow is always horizontally. Your suppliers contribute to the process through their inputs which flow to a process. … Read more

You Better Recognize: Our Roadmap for Effective Employee Recognition Programs

Make no mistake: employee recognition isn’t just for millennials.

While many buzz pieces have touted the idea that Generation Y craves praise more than most, employees of all ages need recognition, and the benefits of giving it are well-proven. In a recent article by Forbes, recognition was cited as the “number one thing employees say their manager could give them to inspire them to produce great work.”

Why Employee Recognition Programs Matter

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re considering implementing a new employment recognition program or revamping an outdated one (nobody wants that useless gift on their work anniversary).  Effective employee recognition programs recognize employees for their contributions to an organization and help them feel appreciated outside of their existing compensation.

From engagement and retention to talent attraction and company culture, here are just a few of the reasons why your organization should take employee recognition programs … Read more