4 Effective Screening Methods for High-Level Hiring

Companies of all sorts are attempting to recruit the finest staff possible. In order to do this, they use a variety of applicant screening strategies in their recruiting process to help narrow down prospective candidates. However, the variety of methods used by employers to evaluate applicants is wide and daunting. Here are four screening methods that would be effective for your company.

Phone Screening

Once you’ve narrowed down the most qualified applicants based on cover letters and resumes, you should set up a phone interview with them. What questions do you raise during a phone screening interview? First, you should double-check the candidates’ job and academic histories. You may also inquire about their present position, pay demands, and availability. During the call, be sure to pay attention to how well they interact and take notes on their responses. The ability to be professional over the phone is essential for any … Read more

Best format for a CV

Best format for a CV

What is a CV? Your CV is a personal marketing document used to sell yourself to prospective employers. Tailor your CV to the job description of the advertised job or the job you are applying for. Your CV should give more details about you than the application letter. Your CV should highlight why you’re the best candidate for the job. 

Proper Order of Sections

Your CV should tell them about;

Contact Information:

The contact information section seems fairly simple but very important. This section should have your contact information; your full name, your physical address, your phone numbers and your email address.

Personal Profile: CV Objective or CV Summary

This section gives a complete outline of the candidate’s background and shows how their experience will help her tackle particular problems related to the job they are applying for. Remember, it should be clear and specific.… Read more

6 Tips to Find the Best Big Data & Analytics Jobs

If you are seeking career opportunities in big data, there are chances you will find an overwhelming number of jobs out there. What’s more complicated is to find the right job in the right sector that fits you among the wide range of alternatives.

There are numerous Big Data jobs in almost every sector – from government, farming, information technology, retail, medicine, law enforcement, science, manufacturing, and technical services, among others. To step into a data science career that suits you, follow some quick tips that can help you to find a suitable job, which matches your preferences, talents, interests, and skills.

6 Top Tips for Finding the ‘Right’ Data Science Job 

  1. Aim on Unique Skills

Always make sure to highlight the unique skills you possess. If you want to become an accomplished professional in big data, then make it your priority to specifically emphasize the unique skillsets that you … Read more

Why Should a Recruiter Think Like a Marketer?

In the competition of talent acquisition, it is essential that recruiters should think like marketers in planning engagement strategy. Our video will point out the benefits of thinking like a marketer for recruiters from the perspectives of professionals in relevant fields. In this post, you can also search for advanced market research tools

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Today’s topic is _Why Should a Recruiter think like a Marketer?_

My name is Trong Dong, CEO & Co-founder at Rakuna, and I will be your host this week.

Joining us today, we have Maureen Joseph, senior talent … Read more

Text Message Recruiting Software: To Adopt Into Your Recruiting Program

Text Message Recruiting Software: A comprehensive review of the best platforms available

According to FinancesOnline , 48% of global consumers prefer SMS as their source of brand updates. With the increased development of mobile applications comes the upgraded originality of the recruitment strategies. Proactive talent scouts should not miss the chance of text recruiting as an effective conversational means.

It’s high time recruiters consider text message recruiting platforms as a means to step up their hiring decisions. To help hiring leaders catch up with the latest trends in the mobile recruiting scene, we will go through some of the top-shelf text message recruiting software to help your team step up your hiring strategy!

1. The facts of text message recruiting necessity:

As one of the top hiring priorities is attracting candidates’ attention. Recruiters should always keep track of open rates and responsiveness through personal communication. Gartner’s research indicated that message Read more