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The Covid-19 pandemic has created upheavals across industries and the year 2020 has seen unprecedented levels of unemployment. This means that hiring is becoming increasingly competitive due to the sheer volume of applicants, making the job of recruiters even more challenging. If at this time, your recruiters are busy doing their tasks manually, then most probably the goals that you would have laid out for your staffing firm this year are not going to be met or it would be challenging to meet them. Recruiters need to start thinking strategically for your firm to succeed in these times.

Technology is known for easing the challenges of any industry and staffing is no different. Irrespective of this global crisis, a strong technology stack can empower your recruiters and ensure that they face the challenges of the industry head on.


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Hiring during Covid-19

The more things change – the more they remain the same

Not a single day goes by without a colleague, family member, friend or client asking me if we’re doing ok in the midst of this weirdness. My response is – YES! Hiring is still happening, great people are still in high demand and you still have to compete for top talent. So, what HAS changed and how do you adapt your hiring approach to accommodate these changes?

  1. Furloughed professionals are open to new opportunities. There are a bunch of very talented people who have been furloughed by their employers. The longer they are on the bench the more disengaged, anxious and bored they become. As a result, you have access to highly skilled professionals whose loyalty to their current employer is waning and who are looking around for a company where they can contribute and make an impact. Impact
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Going virtual

American ingenuity is kicking in as more employers, businesses, schools and community organizations are finding creative ways to survive, adapt and thrive in the new normal.

In the last three months, I’ve had an opportunity to experience a number of innovative approaches to bringing the business of talent acquisition and staffing online, and participated in discussions about working from home, and how staffing firms are meeting the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to employers and the workplace.

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Applicant Tracking Systems: Why Your Business Needs One

With automation at the forefront, the applicant tracking system can serve as the cornerstone for effective talent acquisition. Why are applicant tracking systems important to growing companies? This software makes hiring simpler, less expensive, and more efficient.

But not all ATS technology is created equal. There are hundreds of ATS providers offering varying capabilities to meet business needs based on a company’s size and industry. Research can be overwhelming, so we compiled a definitive buyers guide of the best ATS software with reviews, pricing models, and important features.

For those still on the fence, we’re going to cover the most valuable attributes of the ATS. From automation to actionable data, applicant tracking software is designed for people — from candidates to hiring managers and recruiters to members of the C-suite. However, it didn’t start out that way.

Benefits of applicant tracking systems

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