Key Strategies to Retain Employees at the Workplace

Even highly productive employees, at a certain point, consider turning in their resignations, anticipating a potential job opportunity that comes their way. High employee turnover rates leave organizations wondering about the crucial factors that make their staff quit or at least think about switching to other companies.

Reasons for employee turnover

The pandemic has only worsened the situation of employee turnover. A statement released in a Philippine Statistics Authority report showed that over 50 workers out of every 1000 chose to resign voluntarily.

The question here is why do employees quit? Several reasons can push employees to look for new jobs- the most common ones are higher compensation or career advancement. The reasons however depend on the nature of the workplace and business. Some employees leave the company due to burnout and poor work culture. According to people management platform provider Lattice, employee turnover occurs when employees voluntarily resign owing … Read more

Economic Solutions for Sustainable Farming

Economical Solutions for Sustainable Farming are a growing need in the agricultural industry. Many farmers have turned to sustainable farming methods that are good for the environment and reduce costs by making more efficient use of resources, including both money and time. Economic solutions provide an effective way for farms to market themselves while still maintaining quality standards because it allows them to establish direct relationships with customers who understand why these practices are important and see what’s involved firsthand. The following are economical solutions for sustainable farming.

Managing Food Scraps

Managing food scraps is one of the most important things to do when managing a sustainable farm. Food waste can cause problems for your soil, and if you’re someone who likes to compost, this could lead to many issues. However, there are ways that you can ensure that these become useful instead of harmful.

One option would be to Read more

How new management systems are innovating the hospitality industry

Technology has certainly become an intrinsic part of our day-to-day lives, from the retail industry, to food and beverage outlets, and even within the health and fitness industry. It’s all around us, in varying formats, making processes more efficient.

It has refined some of our older approaches, and in the hospitality industry this is certainly true. Technological advances are leading the way forward for the future of hotels, and with the sector now free from COVID-19 restrictions, venues are looking for ways to improve the guest experience with technology.

A staggering recent statistic has suggested that 75 per cent of activities in hospitality could one day become automated — so where exactly are we heading on this journey into the future of hotels? Join Cairn Collection, owner of Redworth Hall and the Old Ship Brighton, and explore a whole host of new innovations which are changing the face of … Read more

Being a Social Detective!!!

This is a repost of an earlier post I did. This report is by request from numerous people so here we go


For those of you that have been following me, you know whenever I post about lesser sites, I always say at some point use your social detective skills. Well while I Have spoken about it, showed it, and perhaps did a video about it, I never wrote about it, so here we go.

Being a Social Detective means following the bread crumbs where they lead by using the information available to connect to other social data to create as complete a picture of the target as you can. Yes, I said target. You need to remember that you are a Social Detective and detectives have suspects that they target to find out more about.

So the information you are looking for that can help you to find more … Read more


Working alongside installers and architects, Sam will provide technical support, complete NBS specifications and present RIBA approved CPDs for our customers and architects.

Having worked in the building envelope space for over 9 years, Sam brings a wealth of technical and design experience across a huge range of materials and finishes in the façade industry.

Today, we sat down with Sam to find out more about her background and what she will bring to the rainscreen cladding industry.


I joined the construction industry nine years ago as Business Development Manager for mineral wool composite facade, fire wall and roofing systems, covering the M62 corridor down to Essex, before moving on to become the Specification Consult Manager with an aluminium window / unitised and curtain wall supplier. The last four years of my career have been spent with a supplier of panelised composite facade and built … Read more