In order to bring about true continuous process improvement you need to get out of your comfort zone and look at the real world.

In our book Reality, Perception and your Workplace Culture I discussed this point in detail. It becomes a case of looking at the world from the image in the mirror or looking at the world from what you see looking out the window.

To bring about genuine process improvement you need to be able to see the world from the point of view of the customer. Your customer sees the world as having a problem and it directly effects how they interact with you. Your responsibility is to see the world as they see it. I

understand that is a difficult undertaking. We all have our inherent biases which may interfere with this effort. but we have do it. From an Human Capital Management view, this means that we need to look at the existence of problems apart from the way we usually do things It means that we need … Read more

Can employees sue over Covid-19?

If someone returns to work and becomes sick and dies because of unsafe working conditions or due to contact with a Covid-19 infected co-worker or customer then, it’s a good chance that the surviving family members will sue their loved one’s employer.

Its already happened at Walmart, Safeway and Tyson Foods.  Who’s next? Are you ready for a coronavirus wrongful death or Covid 19 wrongful termination lawsuit? Watch this video and consider hiring an employment lawyer now. Today its frontline workers at supermarket chains filing lawsuits but, tomorrow it could be your business.

And if you are thinking that you are immune to these type of lawsuits because your employees work from home then, this video may persuade you otherwise.

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HR Tech on Our Radar: June 2020

Welcome to our new monthly series, HR Tech on Our Radar, where we will highlight various companies that have caught our attention.

Different companies need different service offerings, and if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that you have a lot of choices when it comes to HR Tech. Whether your company is a relatively new startup or a larger company looking for a better fit, we hope our features will be a starting point toward getting the right solutions in place.

This month, we are focusing on several key steps in the process of making great hiring decisions and building company culture. From recruiting and applicant tracking to engaging new and existing employees, options in HR technology abound.

Here are some of our favorites.

Recruiting CRM: Yello

As we noted recently, the best recruitment marketing software options serve a key role in an HR team’s ability to streamline the … Read more

5 Factors that Define the New Normal After COVID-19

Millions of jobs and companies have been staggered due to nationwide lockdown. Undoubtedly, the economy will rise again, and organizations will resume. In this, the overall recruitment industry is set to undergo changes post normalization and find a few innovative ways to attract, hire, and retain new talent.

What I believe is that there is a gap between new business needs and talent management. To remove this gap, AI-based talent management platforms would play a pivotal role. But how will recruitment planning look like after COVID-19?

Read on to find how talent acquisition can prepare itself for the road ahead.

Introduce Recruitment Software:

When you start hiring after COVID-19, use HR technology to find the perfect candidate and shortlist candidates quickly by using a resume parser. This solution will extract candidate information from resumes and save the data into pre-designed fields such as education, skills, experience, contact details, etc. This … Read more

Key Features of HRMS

Key Features of HRMS Software

Having the right HR software for your business can be a game changer.  But more often than not, the choices can be overwhelming–particularly for human resource teams trying to wade through tech-heavy specs and options while also managing employee relations issues, open enrollment, and everything else on your plate!

To help your HR team in their research process, we wanted to lay out the key features of HR management systems (HRMSs). While each HRMS is unique in its own way, there are several key items that human resource teams should pay close attention to.

Here’s a look at the role HRMSs can play in your organization and the most popular HRMS features HR teams should look out for.

Why an HRMS?

Before we launch into the world of HRMS features and platforms, let’s back up a step. If you are new to the research process, … Read more