Attracting Millennials & Gen Z with Mobile Recruiting

Over the last decade, smartphones have become an ever more important part of people’s lives. According to Pew’s research in 2015, 68% of Americans owned a smartphone, with that number rising to 86% among those ages 18 – 29. And digital-savvy Millennials & Gen Z now seek the convenience of completing most tasks on their mobile devices that more than a few would feel naked without one. 

For employers, mobile recruiting is becoming an important strategy for attracting millennials & Gen Z talent. This group wants to be able to search, apply, and upload their resumes through their mobile smartphones. As a result, your company might also need to build the effective communication plan for recruiting team so that they all can track, connect and catch the potential applicants. And recruitment metrics dashboard is ideal for it. If your career page can’t do that – if your career page isn’t … Read more

The 4 Key Points for You to Follow to Be a Leader, Not a Manager

Managing a team of people comes with a new level of responsibilities. But have you ever considered the vast difference between being a manager and a leader? Harvard Business Review reports that 30 is the average age of a first-time manager while 40 is the age where people first embark on leadership training. This is a decade of lost years of building leadership skills – this can lead to ingraining bad habits and not practising to improve your style.


Being a manager doesn’t automatically make you a leader. The main difference between a manager and a leader is that managers delegate tasks to those who work for them whereas leaders have people follow them and believe in what they’re setting out for the company. The best part of the last year has demonstrated that leaders need to be prepared and agile to respond to protect their business and employees.


Here, … Read more

National Career Development Month: Why Apprenticeships Could Be Your Career Starter

If you’re getting ready to leave school and head into the world of work, the chances are that your teacher has discussed two major life routes with you: jumping straight into the world of work or continuing with further education in order to get into university. But if you know what career you want, and university isn’t calling to you, there is another path that is backed with incredible results for your career.

This article will show you the inner workings of an apprenticeship, what you can do, and the future you can look forward to if you decide to head down this route. 

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Unlike heading to university or diving straight into full-time work, apprenticeships offer you the unique ability to train for a specialist role while also supporting your training with classroom study. By being in the workplace, you will benefit from having an expert … Read more

Leaders VS Managers

Leaders VS Managers


Recently I was asked by a fellow professional what is the difference between a leader and a manager. I thought long and hard about it, and came to several realizations. Now keep in mind my point of reference for this is based on my 12+ years in the military, which includes during wartime, and my 25+ years amongst the professional ranks.


For one, you can be a manager but not manage anyone. There are a lot of positions out there that are titled manager or management that do not have direct people managing requirements. While the only way to be a leader or be in a leadership role is to lead people. Leaders are born, managers are created.


 In addition, anyone can be a manager, only a select few can be leaders. A manager(if they are managing people) can have influence over people because of their title Read more

Digital Recruitment Strategies for Hiring the Best Tech Talent

Recruiters today perhaps hold one of the most critical and challenging roles in the organization. With thousands of new jobs emerging owing to rapid technological change and consequent scarcity of good technical talent, attracting and hiring quality talent is a challenge. 

A study by Deloitte reveals that while the average recruitment process takes about 52 days, the top candidates last in the market for only 10. 

Organizations realize the need to increase the speed, efficiency, and the presence of the recruitment process in these changing times. It hardly comes as a surprise to see the rise of digital recruitment.

The popularity of digital technology has made it much easier for recruitment teams to reach the most skilled and proficient candidates.

 The use of social media platforms and other digital channels and technologies are helping recruiters make the best hiring decisions. However, the importance of having a great digital recruitment strategy Read more