How Shopping Local Can Create Jobs And Benefit Communities

During the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, attitudes of shoppers in the UK changed significantly as they developed a considerable sense of community. Rather than visiting the big supermarket on the edge of town, residents would visit their local corner shops and grocers, reigniting old habits. In April 2020, off-licences, greengrocers, independent convenience stores, butchers, and bakeries saw growth of 37.7 per cent. 

Here, with SnowShock, we look into this shifting trend that is needed not only to support local communities but reduce our impact on the environment. We will delve into this increased sense of togetherness and answer whether or not we can expect “Shop Local” to continue.

Supporting your local community

This shift in trend is a result of changing attitudes and behaviours. As we tried to stay safe in lockdown by shopping at smaller stores nearby that maybe didn’t require travelling and queuing, we discovered local retailers … Read more

3 Empowering Business Women Striving for Sustainability and Inclusion in Beauty

When it comes to being an empowered woman, there is no “one size fits all” approach. We may feel strong and empowered through building a successful career, being a mother, or looking good. We may feel confident and assured when we’re alone, when we’re with friends, or when we’re with a partner. Women can thrive in any sector – a major one being business.

Sadly, women are generally underrepresented in top-level roles in business. In 2019, the percentage of women on the boards of big UK companies reached an all-time high of 30 per cent – much lower than men. However, gender equality is at its highest in the beauty industry. Today, there are more women than ever entering the world business, so much so that the global number of female entrepreneurs grow more than 10 per cent each year. 

There are many inspiring female founders in the beauty industry. … Read more

I’ll know it when I see it

Have you said this to yourself from time to time, maybe when you’ve been house-hunting, or car shopping, or looking for a new shade of paint for a room redecoration? That’s fair; sometimes you just need to sit in the driver’s seat, or see the colour on the wall before you really know.

But what about when you’ve been in the market to hire someone new?

People in hiring positions use the word ‘fit’ a lot. We tend to use it to describe how we think someone would be a good or bad addition to a team, or the company as a whole. It also usually refers to something other than the technical qualifications, or the tangible experience, that a candidate brings to the table. Something a bit more nebulous, difficult to put our finger on. In fact, in many cases, it leans towards intuition. Something that we’ll know, when

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What to Look for When Hiring Young Employees for Your Business

If you own a business that uses many younger employees, such as a restaurant or retail shop, you know how valuable these individuals can be to making your business a success. But just as it is when hiring any new employee, there are certain things you look for when making your decision. Since most younger people have little if any job experience, here are some other important things to look for when hiring young employees for your business.


Once you hire someone, the last thing you want is for them to always be late or not show up at all for their shift. Therefore, always make dependability and reliability one of your main criteria for choosing a new employee. If the younger person you are interviewing has no job experience, ask them to tell you of a time when they were depended upon by others, such as if they Read more

Can the rise of Employment Tribunals be managed?

In the same way that Employment Tribunals (ETs) increased following the 2008 banking crisis (and the resulting economic crash), there is a similar pattern in terms of numbers emerging today.

The latest figures published by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) show a sharp increase in cases brought to ETs. Alongside this is an increase in disputes which focus around working time and age discrimination, created by the increase in unemployment and altered working conditions. The report explains that these cases have been instigated by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even in these difficult times of new legislation, regulation, and ever-changing complex government guidance, most employers still have their best interests at heart. However, despite good intentions, when addressing the changes caused by such unusual circumstances, employers seemingly fail to follow procedure with issues such as redundancy or retirement and make unnecessary mistakes which leave them open to claims and … Read more