How Does AI Play an Important Role in Performance Evaluation?

“ AI will augment HR and give HR time to work on more strategic business issues, The opportunity is to use AI to streamline HR manual processes and provide a more consumer grade service to the employees”

                                                                          -Jeanne Meister, Co-author , the future workplace

Although AI has been utilized to make lives easier. Human resource is the area that has adapted AI with open arms. It has been shown by various studies that the corporate sector has adapted AI and has been the premier sector to integrate technology with such success rate. AI has improved the HR services to such an extent that in today’s world AI is the most resourceful colleague for an HR. 

Management of Goals

A major problem that has been witnessed is the challenge of management of the key area of responsibilities of each employee along with the key performance indicator. KRA (Key responsibility area) management Read more

Manage Cookies

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Businessmen have to handle the money move out and in to depict the financial place of the business and test whether the enterprise is earning loss or profit. What all this comes all the way down to, in the end, is the best way to manipulate in an intractable political moment. In my conversations with Democrats who have labored with each Clinton and Obama, that subject came up a lot. Individuals usually remarked that for each politicians, their biggest power was additionally their predominant vulnerability. Obama, folks informed me, was extra more likely to set an overarching goal and stick with it no matter what. This turned out to be invaluable in the struggle for health care reform and lots of … Read more

Busy With Business? How To Find Employees Without Overextending Yourself

Hiring qualified candidates is a crucial part of a business’s success and the office’s atmosphere. However, the recruiting and screening process can be demanding, time-consuming, and expensive without a good plan. Below are a few strategies your business can use to find quality employees without overextending yourself or management.

Use a Database

Regardless of how well-organized you are or how good you are with time management, there will be emergencies when you need to hire new employees. Your needs may vary from entry-level workers to management. Therefore, having a solid database in place could make the hiring process less challenging. The database should include individuals you have interviewed in the past, as well as a few new candidates. Even if you have turned down a candidate in the past, they may be available and feel a new position suits them better.

Get Referrals

Your top employees may have referrals you … Read more

Search in LinkedIn Business vs. Recruiter (Guess Who Wins!)

(See the full version.)

The never-documented LinkedIn search operators make people search with a personal account – Business, Job Seeker, and Basic – comparable or better than the most expensive subscription, LinkedIn Recruiter. Let’s go over a comparison, operator by operator.


The operator works in LinkedIn Business (and Basic). The search for the headline is absent in Recruiter – and altogether, “officially” on LinkedIn. It is such an omission!

Example: Members who are open to work:  (headline:open OR(headline:looking)) (work OR(job))

Who wins: Business


With a Business account, you can search for the skills that members enter. In Recruiter, it is impossible. It looks for “assumed” skills picking keywords from profiles. It is not exactly like keyword search but is close – see an example below. (How is it valuable?)

Example – Business vs. Recruiter

Members with the skill including the word “lazy” – skills:lazy. It shows fewer than … Read more

Enhance Your Recruiting Program With Text Message Recruiting Software

Text Message Recruiting Software: A comprehensive review of the best platforms available

According to FinancesOnline , 48% of global consumers prefer SMS as their source of brand updates. With the increased development of mobile applications comes the upgraded originality of the recruitment strategies. Proactive talent scouts should not miss the chance of text recruiting as an effective conversational means.

It’s high time recruiters consider text message recruiting platforms as a means to step up their hiring decisions. To help hiring leaders catch up with the latest trends in the mobile recruiting scene, we will go through some of the top-shelf text message recruiting software to help your team step up your hiring strategy!

1. The facts of text message recruiting necessity:

As one of the top hiring priorities is attracting candidates’ attention. Recruiters should always keep track of open rates and responsiveness through personal communication. Gartner’s research indicated that message Read more