5 Industries That Welcome Temporary or Seasonal Employees

Temporary or seasonal work allows you to only have to commit to a specific job for a short period of time. These types of jobs can be very beneficial for those that move around a lot, want to try a variety of different types of jobs, need a temporary side job, or just don’t want to commit to a job for a long period of time. Here are five jobs and industries that welcome temporary or seasonal employees.


There is a huge need for extra retail personnel during the holiday shopping season. With consumers shopping for holiday gifts en masse, the stores are bound to be busy. Additional associates are needed to stock shelves, ring up purchases, and help with exchanges or refunds in customer service. This is an easy way to get your foot in the door in the retail field even if you don’t have a lot Read more

An Iterative Approach to Implementing HR Tech

I find that many HR and recruiting teams allow perfect to be the enemy of good when it comes to rolling out new technology. And, I totally get it. We are asked to manage risk, and many times are dealing with sensitive data or processes that really need to be perfect, like payroll.

That said, many tools now have quick time to value paths for implementation. This could be a free trial or free to use module for vendors pursuing a product led growth marketing strategy. Or, it could be an accelerated implementation path for customers that are able to move quickly (you’d be surprised how many vendors can implement in 1/2 their average time if working with the right customer).

While a product first mentality amongst vendors has allowed for practitioners to pursue a launch, learn and iterate philosophy, I always think it’s useful to understand why this iterative … Read more

Discover 4 Ways How Technology Transforms Recruitment

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, industries across the world have experienced uncertainties, and the recruiting industry is no different.

The global health crisis caused by the pandemic has transformed the hiring process. How will talent recover when the pandemic is over?

As the crisis continues to sweep nations after nations, businesses are seeking efficient ways to stay and maintain productivity. Managing the workforce and maintaining workload is no joke for top HR leaders. Businesses are still fighting and looking for ways to manage and retain talent. In fact, most businesses have started rethinking their hiring strategies – from hiring the talent to onboarding. Around 75 percent of the senior human resources managers came up with a new approach to remote hiring. Although there’s uncertainty as to when this pandemic may end, one thing has been cleared for sure i.e. companies have started implementing digital transformation and have … Read more

How is the beauty industry becoming more environmentally friendly?

Following David Attenborough’s Life on Our Planet documentary on Netflix, we are once again reminded of the responsibility we have to reduce our impact on the planet. We are all becoming more aware of our impact on the planet and are calling out brands that are making meaningless environmental pledges, dubbed #TheAttenboroughEffect.

Redefining clean beauty

Firstly, we want you to make eco-friendly decisions on beauty products with all the right information. There is a popular conversation taking place at the moment around clean beauty, and if you haven’t yet heard about it, we’re here to explain and fill you in on all the important details.

Often, companies are called out for ‘greenwashing’, which is where they mislead consumers into thinking their products or the way they do business is sustainable and has less impact on the environment than it actually does.

You might have noticed terms like ‘clean’, ‘natural’, ‘non-toxic’, … Read more

Tips for Creating Perfect Resumes by Vinay Johar, CEO-RChilli

While visiting an event or attending virtual discussions, people look for advice on creating an awesome resume i.e. a resume that can be read by a resume parser with perfection.

Vinay Johar, CEO of RChilli, talks about a few common questions that people ask about creating perfect resumes.

Q1: What do I need to understand about how your resume is parsed?

I recommend being honest when you prepare your resume. Instead of going with fancy layouts, keeping it simple is the success mantra. To make it colorful, add your face, certification logos, and website links showcasing your successful work. RChilli AI is advanced enough to categorize images and links.


Q2: Why are recruiters and HR managers keen to use a resume parser?

RChilli helps the HR Department to achieve what it is meant for. For example, the recruitment team should be closing more jobs rather than data entry or keep … Read more