Changing Careers? Check out these Options

As you get older and your wants and values change and grow, it can get difficult if you’re not satisfied with your career. This is happening more often than you think and it’s simply because many don’t expect certain elements of the jobs they take. This sparks them to reconsider and it’s important to do the right research. Make decisions based on your skills rather than interests and always make sure it has longevity in your mind. It’s not too late to consider switching careers

Real Estate

Real estate is a viable industry that allows you to express your sense of business style and many choose this to change up their life. It’s an interesting job that definitely isn’t typical. Of course, you will need to get some reliable training courses to help you thrive and discover the possibilities. Once you are fully trained then it’s time to test Read more

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Ready to Break $45,000

Bitcoin Price Prediction – September 23

The Bitcoin price bounces off the support at $43,096 and added more than $800 to its current value.

BTC/USD Long-term Trend: Bullish (Daily Chart)

Key levels:

Resistance Levels: $50,000, $52,000, $54,000

Support Levels: $38,000, $36,000, $34,000

BTCUSD – Daily Chart

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BTC/USD is currently trading around $43,997 with a 0.97% gain in the past 24-hour. According to the daily chart, the Bitcoin price is fighting to stay above the important level of $45,000 as it moves close to the 9-day moving average. However, for BTC/USD to remain above this level for the next few days, the bulls need to make the $35,000 support level to be pretty strong.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Could Bitcoin Price Break Higher?

Since yesterday, the Bitcoin price has been maintaining little upward movement, and if the first digital asset breaks above the moving averages, it could touch the … Read more

7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Multilingual Marketing Strategy

Every business requires innovative strategies that show its unique value proposition and help it reach the target audience. Yet, I notice that many entrepreneurs and leaders tend to stick with the well-known formulas to prevent unnecessary risks and no return on investment. 

When talking with business owners, I often hear they would love to expand the scope of their marketing strategies but are afraid that could be a more responsible undertaking than they can handle. As a result, they rarely consider that using another language besides English could reward them with invaluable benefits. 

It’s why I wasn’t surprised that 60 percent of respondents don’t use a global strategy for their marketing. That’s alarming, and it means that companies are failing to spark a worldwide interest among people, increase their sales, and break geographical barriers. 

Perhaps the business owners don’t see the potential advantages of implementing a multilingual marketing approach, or … Read more

Monero Developer, Riccardo Spagni, Released from Jail

Riccardo Spagni, who previously worked with the Monero privacy coin as the lead maintainer, has been released from US custody. According to Spagni, he had been under the custody of US officials for over a month.

In a tweet posted on Tuesday, Monero worker Spagni stated that he was in talks with his lawyers to go back to South Africa, where he would deal with the case lodged against him. Spagni was linked to fraudulent dealings allegedly linked to crimes in South Africa from 2009 and 2011.  These crimes were associated with Cape Cookies, a company that Spagni was affiliated with.

Address Allegations of Fraud

In the tweet, Spagni stated that “I am actively working with my attorneys on a way to return to South Africa as soon as possible so I can address this matter and get it behind me once and for all. That’s what I’ve always wanted … Read more

The HGV Driver Shortage is at Breaking Point – What Can Be Done?

It’s been a challenging 18 months for the haulage sector. Not only did the COVID-19 pandemic have a dramatic and varied impact on the industry, but the pressing driver shortage is reaching a critical point.

The sector’s driving workforce has been reducing in size for a number of years, with Brexit and ageing employees compounding the issue and vastly increasing the number of owner drivers wanted in the sector.

How did we get here?

The HGV driver shortage has been brought about by a mix of issues and has threatened to bubble over for months. According to an RHA member survey, drivers reaching retirement age is the biggest contributor, very closely followed by Brexit.

The average age of haulage drivers is 57, while a quarter of the workforce is expected to retire by 2029. What’s more, it’s estimated that 80,000 EU nationals left the workforce in the year leading up … Read more