Crypto Analyst says Bitcoins Bubble has not yet been formed

Bitcoin’s price since the beginning of October has been on a major upswing. Developments across the market, such as growing institutional adoption and the launch of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF), are among the factors attributed to these gains.

Despite gaining by almost 100% since the lows of $30K reported in late July, one analyst still believes that Bitcoin has not yet entered into a “bubble”, predicting more gains to come.

The Real BTC Bubble is not here

According to an analyst on Twitter who goes by the handle venturefoundEr, investors are yet to see the real Bitcoin bubble.

“Bubbles form when the momentum of short-term returns attracts enough money that the makeup of investors shifts from mostly long-term to mostly short-term,” he wrote. This could add to the argument that the current bull market has been inspired by institutional investors and that retail investors have yet to join the … Read more

Ways to Enter the Medical Field

The medical field is a promising field to pursue a career in. Not only are there plenty of options for jobs available to you, but those jobs are always clamoring for more applicants. The ability to make a lot of money doesn’t hurt either. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, then here are a few ideas of what direction you could take.

Home Health Aide

You can quickly get into the medical field if you become a home health aide. In fact, you can complete a short training that only lasts about four or five weeks. Home health aides are responsible for the daily activities of a client, typically anyone who can’t fully care for themselves such as the elderly, disabled, or injured. These responsibilities usually include things like administering medication, assisting with bathing and grooming, and taking the person to their doctor’s appointments. They Read more

OpenOcean Atlantic Beats Returns of DEX Aggregator Competitors

DEX aggregator OpenOcean has launched version 2 of its protocol, dubbed Atlantic, and it claims to beat out the opposition such as 1inch when it comes to trading returns. 

The launch of OpenOcean V2, dubbed OpenOcean Atlantic, introduces a slew of new features. OpenOcean Atlantic runs across aggregated networks, including Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Solana, and Fantom. There is also support for OKExChain, Tron, Ontology, and Heco.

The project team also plans to support Ethereum. OpenOcean says that users will benefit from maximized returns that it claims will outperform competitor DEX aggregators such as 1inch and ParaSwap. 

OpenOcean Atlantic implements a revamped algorithm and protocol to optimize trades for the best possible returns. The algorithm leverages multiple parameters, such as better price, lower gas fee & slippage, and optimised routing. 

The OpenOcean Atlantic solution underwent rigorous testing says the team. Over 4,587 test cases on BSC were conducted to Read more

What’s Next in the HR Tech World?

The HR tech future certainly looks bright with HR recruitment tools such as ATS, resume parser, and taxonomy to help ease the burden of HR professionals. These automated tools/software sort and manage candidates and much more, saving you the botheration of manually tracking the entire hiring process. Before I delve deep into Taxonomy and its related benefits, I would like to take your attention to Josh Bersin’s latest podcast on Skills Taxonomy

 Josh Bersin on Taxonomy

Josh Bersin says that Skills Taxonomy is the next big thing. He adds that more than half the conversations are centered around categorizing, storing, and developing skills.

Josh says no two companies have similar needs, even though they may be from the same domain. Going further, he adds, skills taxonomy affects learning, recruiting, career development, job architecture, and financial relationships with employees.

He says most vendors who relate to Taxonomy are primitive, except Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction: BTC/USD Sustains Recent Rallies as Bitcoin Holds Above $60k

The Crypto Continues Bullish Run as Bitcoin Holds Above $60k – October 18, 2021

On October 17, BTC/USD retraced to $59,000 support and resumed upward as Bitcoin holds above $60k. Today, the BTC price has risen and it is retesting the $62,900 resistance zone. Buyers are attempting to retest or break the recent high. The upside momentum will resume if the bulls break above the current resistance at $62,900.

Resistance Levels: $50,000, $51,000, $52,000
Support Levels: $40,000, $39,000, $38,000

BTC/USD – Daily Chart
Buy Bitcoin Now

Today, Bitcoin has resumed the upside momentum after a minor retracement. BTC price would have fallen to $54,000 low if the bears have broken below the $59,000 support. BTC/USD is trading at $62,165 at the time of writing. Bitcoin will rally above $70,000 if buyers sustain the bullish momentum above the $62,900 resistance level. All the price indicators have shown the overbought condition of … Read more