Tamadoge Announce Exchange Listing on OKX – Best Crypto ICO of 2022

Tamadoge is set to list its native token TAMA on tier one crypto exchange OKX on Tuesday 27th September, at 12:00 BST.

Four hours before the project’s initial exchange listing, presale investors will be able to claim their TAMA tokens – at 08:00 BST using the ‘Claim’ button on the official project website, tamadoge.io.

Note – beware of scam sites imitating the official domain, or OKX, and Tamadoge team members will not DM investors one-on-one with links on how to claim TAMA tokens.

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Tamadoge Tipped to Perform Well at ICO

Tamadoge sold out its token presale early, raising 19 million USDT between July 25 – Sept 18 – one of the most talked about crypto presales of 2022.

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Why the Customer Journey Should Be a Continuous Process

For many businesses, the customer journey stops once the ink has dried on a contract or a purchase has been made. But market leaders know that in order to retain current clients and attract new ones, their journey with your business must be a continuous process.

Once a prospect turns into a customer – whether they’re contracted to your business or they make infrequent purchases – you need to retain them and ensure they become loyal to your brand. Key to achieving this is by delivering an outstanding experience.

Here, Janine Hunt, client partnership director at customer service expert Kura, discusses why a continuous good experience is so important and how you can deliver an experience that makes sure your customers aren’t poached by competitors.

The state of brand loyalty in the UK

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BTC Retreats After Trading Above $19,900; Invest in TAMA today!

The Bitcoin price prediction shows that BTC rises in the early hours of today, but got rejected as the market touches the low of $18,666.

BTC/USD Long-term Trend: Ranging (Daily Chart)

Key levels:

Resistance Levels: $22,000, $24,000, $26,000

Support Levels: $17,000, $15,000, $13,000

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Your capital is at risk

BTC/USD may begin to follow the bearish movement if the bears force the king coin to bow down to fresh losses. At the time of writing, the Bitcoin (BTC) is changing hands at $19,068 after adjusting from the resistance level of $19,949 which is an intraday high. Moreover, the Bitcoin price may be vulnerable to losses if the price crosses below the lower boundary of the channel.

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The Future of Warehousing: Automation, Robotics, and Energy Efficiency

The rise of e-commerce is underway and impacting our highstreets – even before the rise of Covid-19. Due to the pandemic, the shift from physical shops towards online spending has accelerated by an average of five years. In 2020, 87% of UK households made purchases online and recent statistics show that 70% now prefer it. Now, E-commerce is booming, and it is a trend that is here to stay, with online retail spending in the UK expected to reach £75 billion by 2024.


So, what does this transition towards digital spending mean logistically for businesses? The race is now on for retailers and third-party logistics (3PL) providers to secure more warehouse space and capture a share in this growing market. As is stands, warehouse space has already increase by 73% since Covid-19 restrictions began in March 2019. In addition to this, Brexit also played a role in companies bringing their … Read more

Best Crypto to Buy Now – MetaBlaze Pioneering a New Era in Crypto Gaming through Storytelling & Metaverse World Building

Since the inception of cryptocurrency, one of the key issues that has held people back from getting involved is its inherent volatility. Explosive bull runs are juxtaposed against brutal crashes and seemingly endless crypto winters. For crypto mass adoption to be truly accepted and ingrained in the very fabric of society, crypto projects need to build sustainable, stable economies.

This is where MetaBlaze, a visionary new play to earn crypto gaming platform, is leading by example and is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now. MetaBlaze is a creative web 3.0 gaming firm that is rewriting the rule book of NFT games and play to earn economies. The aim of the MetaBlaze team is simple. Design a compelling, engaging, and immersive gaming Metaverse with a long-term vision that will stand the test of time. In an industry fraught with volatility, MetaBlaze is poised to become a pillar of Read more