Airbus takes final approach to settle 16-year WTO row with US

Aircraft maker says it will end French and Spanish state support used by Trump administration to justify tariffs

Airbus has said it is taking the last step to end 16 years of bitter litigation with the US at the World Trade Organization (WTO) over subsidies that the White House said disadvantaged rival aerospace company Boeing.

The European aircraft manufacturer on Friday said it will end a system of financial support from France and Spain that the WTO had deemed illegal and unfair to Boeing.

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Local Chambers of Commerce Are Failing. Small Businesses Nationwide Could Suffer

At the local visitor’s center, you’ll learn a few things about Latrobe, Pennsylvania: The city of 8,000, just east of Pittsburgh, is the original home of golf legend Arnold Palmer, television’s Fred Rogers, and Rolling Rock beer. The banana split dessert originated here.

If you read between the lines, you’ll also understand how much the region’s entrepreneurs are struggling. The visitor’s center is supposed to be staffed most days by Briana Tomack, the Greater Latrobe-Laurel Valley Chamber of Commerce’s president and CEO, or her one full-time employee. On April 15, both were furloughed. Tomack returned earlier this month–and she’s already worried about money again.

Most of her chamber’s nearly 500 member companies can no longer afford to pay dues. Stay-at-home orders and event restrictions have made additional fundraising almost impossible. Without a new source of funding, Tomack says, her chamber–and others like it–won’t survive the year. That

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Consumer confidence survey casts doubt on V-shaped recovery

Bank of England says fear of rising redundancies and concerns over shopping health risks are limiting spending

Fears of rising redundancies and concerns about the health risks of high street shopping have hit consumer confidence, according to a closely watched survey that flatlined last month.

The GfK barometer for July showed confidence petering out, despite rising in May and June. It came as a senior Bank of England policymaker warned Britain’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic would be hampered while concerns about catching the virus and fears of redundancy limited spending.

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New Research: Status Reports Can Make Teams Less Effective

Conventional wisdom says that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure.” That why it’s not surprising that many bosses demand frequent performance reports, especially when their teams are working remotely.

While this “always keep me in the loop” management strategy may sound smart, it’s actually stupid, because according to new research, the more frequently managers demand status reports from their employees, the less effective those employees become.

“Frequent performance reporting has negative motivational and performance implications when employees know or assume that the information they report will be used to evaluate their task-related skills. High frequency serves to increase an individual’s tendency to focus on avoiding unfavorable judgments of competence rather than on developing competence for the work at hand.”

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Viagogo 'refusing to refund fans' for gigs cancelled in pandemic

Which? says firm changed policy to deny refunds if tickets can be used in 2021

The ticket resale website Viagogo is refusing to refund fans who bought tickets for gigs and sporting events cancelled because of the pandemic, according to the consumer group Which?.

Hundreds of summer events have fallen victim to the coronavirus outbreak, with organisers offering to give fans their money back if they do not want to, or cannot, transfer their tickets to 2021.

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