How To Find A Job On Indeed

How To Find A Job On Indeed


Indeed bills itself as “the #1 job site in the world.” Indeed is more than a job search board. It’s a tool you can use in your job search. It can be especially valuable in a passive job search, delivering job opportunities to your email each day.
The first step is to create an Indeed account. It’s free, and setting it up will take just a few minutes.
On the home page, click the “Sign In” link.
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​That will take you to a login screen. On that page, click “New to Indeed? Create an account.”
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You’ll be prompted to “Add a resume.” Don’t do it.
Do not upload your resume
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When Will You Need to Adopt an Interview Scheduling Software in Lieu of Traditional Calendar Tools?

On average, it takes 22.9 days in the US for a complete job interview process. The processing speed in the UK sees no improvement, up to 27 days on average. Scheduling multiple and high-volume interviews can be a logistical nightmare, especially for businesses that are still doing it manually. A recruiting team can lose precious time running back and forth by sending emails and juggling different parties’ calendars. The time that would be more useful for forging a strong bond between a recruiter and candidates.

A modern recruiter’s solution for this problem comes in the form of an interview scheduling application. However, there are still businesses that are oblivious to their own need for such software. In this article, let’s go through some scenarios where a scheduling app can make a difference.

What Is Interview Scheduling Software?

For HR personnel, scheduling interviews and meetings can be a real pain. Manual … Read more

KSA Saudi Arabia Visa Stamping E Wakala Services in Pakistan Alahad Group

KSA Saudi Arabia Visa Stamping E Wakala Services in Pakistan Alahad Group

Alahad Group is the most preferred recruitment company for many of the most successful organisations in Qatar turns to when they need contract or permanent recruitment services. Our track record over the last 15 years for delivering manpower recruiting services to clients, large and small, speaks volumes the fact clients keep coming back to Alahad Group is the true measure of our success. We are providing all kinds of Manpower Services from Pakistan mainly in the field of Engineering, Construction & Contracting, Office Personnel Management, Transportation, Hotel & Catering, Hospitality, Hospitals , Supermarkets, Manufacturing & Production, Garments and Textiles etc. 

We partner with Gulf largest blue-chip companies, Government Agencies, Private Enterprises and public institutions and offer our clients highly specialised Manpower Recruitment Services to augment their HR performance over its entire life cycle. Alahad Group features a high … Read more

Top 6 Emerging Tech Jobs to Rule in 2021

Concerns about rapid digital transformation have never been greater.

The world is already undergoing a paradigm shift. Many organizations have started embracing technologies like AI, data science, virtual reality, and more. As we move forward in 2021, there are certain emerging job roles that are likely to rule this year and in the foreseeable future.

Let us delve deeper and brief the emerging tech jobs crucial for students:

  1. Security engineer

Predictions by Cybersecurity Ventures along with other experts said there will be around 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs in 2021. What does this mean? Well, the world will need more security engineers and cybersecurity specialists. Isn’t it scary? Everything is online today. From making transactions to filling in our personal details, it’s all there today. The only way around it is by having more specialists in this field.

In one report about Facebook, it was said their data of 29 … Read more

Recruiting for a startup: 10 major roles and all you should know before starting

This article is for business owners, startup founders, and IT recruiters, who are just starting to work with startups. It tells the basics of how to start the search for hiring top employees for a startup. Let’s start figuring out 10 must-have roles for every startup.

What people do you need to work in your startup

To build a viable startup you need awesome specialists who can make your company successful. To attract the needed specialists is a real problem for the founder. If he doesn’t have a wide network of appropriate people, his opportunities to recruit specialists are pretty limited. There is often a lack of well-motivated and qualified specialists, and competition is fierce when you need to bring them to your business. 

Nevertheless, globalization and the remote-first approach eliminates the shortage of specialists – if you are open enough to embrace this trend. For startups, we always recommend Read more