Why executive decision makers don’t make decisions.

The logic is simple enough. After all, when you’re recruited into a senior decision-making position, it’s only natural you’ll be expected to make decisions. Trouble is, every day managers all over Australia – and the world – struggle to actually do it, putting things off for all manner of reasons and generally erring on the side of procrastination and compromise. Even at a micro level, managerial indecision like this can have a significant impact on the bottom line. But when you extrapolate it to an entire economy, well, the impact is potentially seismic.


One problem. Many causes.

A raft of factors can trigger a lack of confident decision making in a workplace. In some instances, it might be personality related, something which can have ramifications all the way back to your executive recruitment, talent identification and HR processes. While in other situations it can be connected to external forces such … Read more

Hispanic Small Business Town Hall: Funding Options in the Pandemic–And Beyond

The pandemic has brought a painful reality into focus: Even before Covid-19 hit, 40 percent of all Hispanic-owned businesses in the U.S. didn’t have the financial runway to survive more than 60 days without revenue.

That’s according to Eli Velazquez, venture development director at the nonprofit VentureWell. “We’ve seen the data,” he says. “Now the pandemic has made it real.” Velazquez’s comments came in Wednesday’s Hispanic Small Business Town Hall, which covered the topics of funding and cash flow. Inc. and Hello Alice are holding a series of streaming events moderated by Hello Alice co-founder Carolyn Rodz, marking Hispanic Heritage Month. The next session, on customer outreach and marketing, is Friday, September 25 at 2 p.m. ET.

Angel investors and other non-institutional sources of funding can be great resources of funding, Velazquez points out. Anyone in the U.S. with an annual income of more than $200,000 or more than

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The Secret Behind How to Become A Successful Recruiter

Have you ever wondered what makes a recruiter efficient? Recruiting is a competitive job profile, but at the same time, it is a unique and rewarding job. In this age, it is not just only about posting job ads, screening, streamlining, and hiring; it is more than that now. The recruiters who understand this fact and act accordingly are most likely to attract the perfect talents.


There are mainly three areas where the recruiters must examine candidates:

  • Skills
  • Qualities
  • Ethics


To be successful in recruiting, a recruiter must effectively master all of them. But recruitment is a step-by-step process, and every recruiter must be aware of each step.


So, how do great recruiters achieve this?


If you are trying to discover how to become a successful recruiter, but don’t know where to start, then you are in the right place.


This blog will help you sharpen your recruiting superpowers.


  1. Beginning
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How This 24-Year-Old Entrepreneur Pulled Off a Coronavirus Pivot Before His Company Even Launched

When the Coronavirus struck the U.S. in January, 24-year-old Dakota Hendrickson was just weeks away from launching his nanofiber HVAC air filter startup, Filti. Suddenly making filters for facemasks became an even better idea.

“I will not forget the minute we flipped [the website] on,” says Hendrickson. It was March 27 at around 10:30 a.m. “In a couple of days, I had 2,000 emails in my inbox,” he says. 

The experience since has been nothing short of dizzying–and par for the course for any company in the business of selling personal protective equipment (PPE) these days. While live events companies and restaurants have been hamstrung (or worse) by the pandemic, the businesses that make PPE or that have transitioned to producing different protective garments have been buoyed by the unfortunate turn. 

Indeed, the market for PPE, which includes facemasks, gowns, and face shields, is expected to top $80 billion

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Which tool is best for_______ (insert here)!!

So, like death and taxes one thing is inevitable, someone will ask which tool is best for whatever. The problem is no one can really answer that question but the person asking it. The right question is “Which tools do you think are the best that I should demo”. The reality is no one can tell you which is best, but you. No one else knows what you look for, were you look for it, and why. Perhaps most importantly no one can tell you which tool works best for and with you. So, lets stop asking which is best but instead ask which should I Demo.


Now while demoing these tools there are things you should take into account, in no specific order:


What it can do?

Where it can work?

What it can find?

What does it work with?

What is the rode map?

Where do they get … Read more