Why a Career in the Construction Industry Provides Job Security

It is no secret that we are living in uncertain times. Technology is advancing so rapidly that certain occupational fields may even become obsolete far before anyone ever envisioned. This means that you will want to look for a career that provides you with a good feeling of job security. You want something that adapts to the changing times and continues to expand even in the midst of economic uncertainty. Throughout the modern era, the construction industry has been such a field that provides job security no matter what society seems to throw at it.

People are Always on the Move

Throughout history, people have always been moving from one place to another. This is especially true in recent decades with the expansion of major cities around the world. Whenever people move, there is a renewed demand for new building projects. This is an area that technology will not eliminate … Read more

According to Bill Gates, Asking These 2 Questions Will Make You a Better Leader

Leading a business is hard. Leading anything, for that matter, is especially complicated right now. None of us have ever been through a global pandemic quite like this, and its affects have created remarkable challenges. One of those challenges is trying to navigate your business, or team, or family through what can only be described as very uncertain times. 

Here’s the thing: Starting a business–or anything really–is full of uncertainty. You don’t know, when you start, where you’ll end up. You have an idea, and hopefully you have a plan, but there are so many unforeseen circumstances and variables that come into play that it would be foolish to think you have all the answers.

That can be a difficult realization for leaders who are accustomed to being responsible for having it all figured out. It’s an important one, however, because it can directly affect whether your business

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15 Must Read HRTech Stories From Summer 2020

The pandemic has led to an increasingly unique situation for the workforce. Unemployment rates remain high. Remote working is the new normal. The reliance on technology grows by the day.

HR Tech companies have to be more creative than ever to mitigate these constantly shifting issues. 

In this roundup we highlight the Summer’s major news stories of innovation, automation and integration in the continued wake of COVID-19.

What companies are partnering up to create better candidate experiences? Which tech giant leads the work-from-home initiative? Who is inventing new algorithms to combat location-based hiring difficulties?

Find answers to these questions and more below.  

Reward Gateway Launches Open API for Employee Engagement Platform

August 11, 2020

Global employee engagement company Reward Gateway added Open API capabilities to its Employee Engagement Platform. The addition allows clients and other third-party HRIS’s to connect to Reward Gateway’s existing platform to automate HR processes and help … Read more

This Was the Worst Moment of the iPhone Event. Why It Was Actually a Brilliant Power Move by Apple

The iPhone launch is, without question, the most important public event for Apple every year. That’s true not just in terms of the effect the product has on the company’s bottom line, but in terms of the overall attention and media coverage as well. Apple has gotten very good at these events, and, even during a pandemic, has managed to produce them far better than most other tech companies. 

That’s important because the way Apple decides to spend its time says everything about what it thinks is important. The choices it makes in terms of what additional products to include, how to present them, and even who takes the stage are carefully considered and orchestrated in a way that most other tech companies haven’t mastered. 

That’s why it’s so confusing to me that they had such a strange moment during the iPhone 12 launch this week. You couldn’t

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How to Land a Private Equity Job

 Private equity is a dream career for anyone in finance. It might not be as challenging as the Olympic games, but getting into private equity is certainly a formidable feat, that too right after under graduation.  

 So how do you do it? 

The Traditional Path  

 There are rare chances that private equity firms will hire you as an undergraduate. Most undergraduates are hired for investment banking roles, preferably for investment banking analysts. That too when banks are hiring on campus, right after college. If you have a summer investment banking analyst internship, it further increases your chances. So here’s what a usual road map looks like until this point:  

  1. Get into a target college 

 If you want to work in private equity, ensure that you get into a college where banks flock to hire  

  1. Find investment banking internships

Several global investment banks offer summer investment banking internships. Getting an internship … Read more