Ultimate List: 81+ HR Conferences in 2023 (In-person & Virtual)

Human Resources (HR) is by definition a profession in flux. As workplace cultures, compliance, labor laws, and the labor markets change, HR must adapt to adequately take care of employees. Staying abreast of the latest HR trends, resources, philosophies, and developments is essential to the career development of any HR professional — from entry-level to CHRO.

With so many moving parts to HR as a whole, it should come as no surprise that there are countless HR conferences held each and every year in nearly every part of the world. These events are a cornerstone of industry and a rich opportunity for collaboration and networking.

We recommend bookmarking this list of Human Resource conferences to make the most of upcoming events.

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March 2023

AHRD 2023 International

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12 Real-Life Employee Recognition Examples from an Expert

So you’re thinking about recognition. That’s a great start, but before you dive into the “how” of recognition, my suggestion is to start with your “why.”

There are lots of reasons you might be thinking about recognition— everything from reacting to employee surveys, growing connections across a dispersed workforce, or finding new ways to simply show your employees that their employer cares about them.

This article gives insight and ideas with practical employee recognition examples from companies that Reward Gateway has partnered with to build an appreciative workplace culture.

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Employee Recognition Strategies for Managers in TeamsRecognition Strategies for Your OrganizationConclusion

Whether your company culture desperately needs a boost, or you’re taking your recognition efforts to the next level to retain your top performers, we can all benefit from more recognition and reward in the workplace.Reward Gateway research just revealed that 70% of people say that the last … Read more

A Guide to Differentiate Your Recruitment Process from Scammers

Recruitment scams that prey on job seekers are becoming more prevalent. Unfortunately, these fraudsters are very good at following recruitment trends, often mirroring the language and goals of real recruiting teams— all in an effort to dupe their victims into handing over personal data and money.

By the nature of how these scams work, it’s up to candidates to be vigilant and research an organization before sending out their personal information. This also leaves companies in a conundrum— what if candidates are reluctant to engage with your recruitment efforts for fear of falling victim to a scam? Would it be immediately evident to them that your advertised opportunity and recruitment communications are legitimate?

If you get few responses to job postings or a high drop-off in your hiring process, it could very well be because some of your company’s recruitment interactions come across as scammer activity. Read this guide and … Read more

Interview Brag Book

Brag Books

Why not show and tell in job interviews? A picture is worth 1,000 words. A portfolio, leave-behind, or interview presentation binder – also known as a “brag book” – is a great way for job seekers to prepare and showcase their skills and accomplishments.
While portfolios are expected in certain “creative” professions, jobseekers in many more “traditional” fields could benefit from preparing a brag book to use in an interview.
Putting together a brag book is also an excellent way to prepare for a job interview, as it can be used to reflect on what knowledge, skills, and abilities will be most relevant for the targeted position.
A brag book is also an excellent confidence booster. There’s just something about seeing all of your accomplishments in print that boosts your confidence and self-esteem.
A brag book is useful in a job search to:
  • Tangibly showcase your accomplishments
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Finding and Attracting the Best Talent with LinkedIn Search and AI-Driven Recruitment Tool

Finding and attracting the top people is more crucial than ever in the fiercely competitive employment market of today. Businesses may enhance their recruitment strategy and attract top prospects with the use of LinkedIn Search and AI-driven recruitment solutions. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using LinkedIn Search and AI to find and attract the best talent for your organization.

The Benefits of LinkedIn Search for Talent Acquisition

The largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn has millions of users spread across more than 200 nations. It provides organizations with a strong platform to locate and entice outstanding workforce. The following are some benefits of using LinkedIn Search for recruitment:

  1. Access to a large candidate pool: LinkedIn is the perfect platform for hiring because of its extensive network of professionals from all industries and job functions.
  2. Advanced search filters: Employers can use LinkedIn’s search filters to
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