The Changing Business Dress Code in 2022

The 1980s and 1990s were the era of wearing power suits, and they defined the business environment. As times change, so does the corporate dress code.

Wearing yoga pants and a shirt on a conference call or a hoodie at Google’s office is the new normal. The business dress code is becoming more casual and flexible to highlight our skills and performance but is still imbued with a fashion sense.

Here is what the office style in 2022 looks like.

The tech industry pioneering casual attire

Big companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook are famous for their casual office attire. Dressed in hoodies, jeans, and trainers, the employees behind Sundar Pichai, Evan Williams, and Mark Zuckerburg are headlining the fashion trends in the tech industry.

While the “dress to impress” mantra is still valid, the changes in the dress code prove that it’s not all about the looks. Intellect and … Read more

Unleashing the Power of Job Titles: How Ditching Traditional Labels Can Boost Your Recruiting Efforts

The job title of a job posting is crucial to its success in attracting potential candidates. Just like how copywriters put a lot of thought into crafting headlines for advertisements, recruiters should also put in the effort to make sure their job titles are attention-grabbing and compelling.

Unfortunately, many job titles are lackluster and uninteresting. A search for “java jobs” within a certain radius of your location will likely yield a plethora of results with generic titles like “Java Developer” or “Senior Java Developer”, which are not only unoriginal but also fail to utilize the available character space. No one stands out in a forest of generic titles.

The job titles of a job post don’t have to be limited to just the actual job title the person will be known as within the company. The importance of an effective job title on posts cannot be overstated. Job titles are … Read more

How Resume Parser Can Be Useful for Oracle Users

When we talk about AI and automation, recruiters tend to have mixed emotions. AI, however, is on its way to lending a helping hand to human resource management globally. Recruitment is a strenuous job, and the existing scenario makes it the most demanding segment for any business. Ironically, as challenging as discovering the right talent is, one wrong hire can prove very expensive. 

What Is A Resume Parser?

A resume parser is a part of recruitment automation that is a product of innovative technologies designed to cater to the diverse aspects of the recruitment industry. These may include the job application process, screening the resumes, & shortlisting candidates based on skills. 

The resume parser, powered by deep learning, helps the recruiter improve hiring practices by delivering accurately parsed candidate data. Contrary to the talks tagging the AI recruitment software as a human replacement, it works with the HR managers, Read more

4 Benefits of Morning Exercise and How to Establish a Healthy Routine

This said exercise sessions can be easy to skip or postpone. From busy work schedules to other impeding daily commitments, you may often find it difficult to carve out some time for a dose of much-needed physical activity. This is why you should consider embracing morning workouts more frequently. 


With a wide range of health benefits, exercising in the morning can kickstart your day in a positive, wholesome fashion. Here, with some insights from Jonjo Hancock-Fell, at private health cover provider: Westfield Health, we uncover some of the most prominent perks, while offering some tips on how to get into a healthy morning routine.


Boosts mood and energy


Exercise has the powerful ability to tackle sentiments of stress and boost your morale. In fact, physical activity induces your brain to release more endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that will get your day started on a mental high. What’s more, waking … Read more

Why Working From Home Doesn’t Have to Mean A Full-Time in Your Bedroom

The rise of working from home has been less of gentle integration and more of an unprecedented boom. A study from the Office of National Statistics found in February 2022 that 84% of workers planned to carry out a mix of working in the office and at home in the future. This was even after working from home was a requirement due to world events.

With so many people shifting to this hybrid approach to the job, having the same backdrop to your workspace can get a bit repetitive. Experts have suggested that working in your bedroom during office hours can build an association between workplace productivity and stress with an environment where you’re supposed to feel comfortable. And if you’re lucky enough to have some outside space like a garden or a balcony, that can be a great alternative to your bedroom.

In this article, we’ll take you through … Read more