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An independent recruiter, recruiting agency, or executive search firm is charged with tracking down excellent potential candidates for available job openings. Even though there are many people seeking to change careers or looking for better jobs after the pandemic, it often seems to a typical recruiting agency that qualified men and women are few and far between.
Here are six easy tips that recruiting services, staffing firms, or executive search firms should keep in mind when on the hunt for outstanding potential job candidates.
These tips are equally applicable to companies undertaking their search without the help of recruiting agency services. Indeed, the headaches associated with finding qualified personnel is magnified for a company undertaking its recruitment efforts.

Industry-Specific Job Boards

Post an Ad on an Industry-specific Job Boards. Oftentimes, a recruiter will take a scattershot approach to find candidates that are worthy of consideration for an
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All You Need to Know about Recruitment

Recruitment in every organization plays an essential role. It helps in building the team of the organization. There are often questions about recruitment that need to be answered in order to provide a better understanding of the organization. With time technological advancements have evolved with new equipment to bed the necessities to recruit virtually. Having said that, recruitment is a tedious process. There are often various basic questions on recruitment. Let’s begin with the initial question related to recruitment: 

What is recruitment?

To begin with, the definition sums up to a process wherein the HR team finds and scales out the eligible candidate for the available designation within the organization. 

These definitions might sound as simplified, however there are layers which need to be considered in order to gain a better understanding of the term recruitment. 

Let’s take a tour on the process of recruitment:

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Interview Advices for Recruiters: Best Day to Schedule Interview

In the course of interview arrangement, as recruiters, you need to be thorough with every action you take. Specifically, you have to factor in meeting time as among the most important matters in this step. Scheduling at the best time can significantly affect the outcomes of your interviews.

In this blog, Rakuna will share with you the best and the worst time to schedule your interview so that you can gain the best outcomes and enhance the candidate experience.

Why do Recruiters Need to Know When the Best Time to Schedule an Interview is?

Identifying when you are either in the zone or the most alert, you can lead the meeting on a smoother path and promote effective communications on relevant topics. Such an act also enables you to have a more comprehensive perception of the candidates’ suitability with the applied position. In all likelihood, you will also build positive … Read more

What is Talent Management and Why It’s So Important?

What is Talent Management and Why It’s So Important?

If you are like most HR leaders, finding the RIGHT people is a priority, but it’s also a top business challenge. In today’s brutal business climate, you have to find the best candidates, onboard them efficiently, keep them moving ahead, and keep your vision on the far horizon. It’s a demanding task, but the right Talent Management solution has both the competitive advantage and force-multiplier to achieve success.

What is Talent Management? 

Talent Management refers to the HR processes your company uses to attract top talent, develop highly-skilled employees, and manage training requirements. It takes everyone’s collaborative effort on your team, and ideally, a hiring and onboarding system that does the work for you.

Why is this important? According to SHRM’s Talent Acquisition Benchmark Report, the average time to hire a new employee is 36 days and an estimated $4,000. This

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Changing Careers? Check out these Options

As you get older and your wants and values change and grow, it can get difficult if you’re not satisfied with your career. This is happening more often than you think and it’s simply because many don’t expect certain elements of the jobs they take. This sparks them to reconsider and it’s important to do the right research. Make decisions based on your skills rather than interests and always make sure it has longevity in your mind. It’s not too late to consider switching careers

Real Estate

Real estate is a viable industry that allows you to express your sense of business style and many choose this to change up their life. It’s an interesting job that definitely isn’t typical. Of course, you will need to get some reliable training courses to help you thrive and discover the possibilities. Once you are fully trained then it’s time to test Read more