Top 3 Reasons Every Startup Requires HRMS Software

From multitasking employees to long working hours, everything is extremely rigorous and unique in a startup. Amid all this chaos, there’s always one person who wears numerous hats on a daily basis. In fact, he or she even manages tasks that have nothing to do with the person’s actual profile. This, in essence, is the result of insufficient resources, capital, and revenue. Let’s face it, this is the story of every startup. 

It’s no news that automation space is emerging rapidly! Traditional tools/methods, on the other hand, are becoming out of fashion now. As a result, more companies are moving towards technological solutions considering their evident features and benefits. One such solution is HRMS! With hundreds of businesses using it already, HRMS is undoubtedly winning the business world. 

Here are the top factors that make HRMS the right solution to all the challenges faced by a startup: 

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Slack, Instagram, Twitter: Side Hustles That Became Billion-Dollar Companies

Thirty years ago, when I lived in a very small town, my next-door neighbor, John, would often stand in his backyard, staring off into space, sometimes for hours.

He was a very nice man, but still: I thought it was odd.

Only later did I realize that John, a computer science professor at a nearby university, was working through how to create the systems architecture for one of the first–and for a time, most successful–language-learning software products.

For John and his brother-in-law Allen, Rosetta Stone was just a side hustle.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business while keeping your full-time job and are searching for a little motivation, here are some successful companies that began as side hustles.


While working at Nextstop, Kevin Systrom decided to create his own location-based iPhone app: one that let users check in at specific locations, make plans for future

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