Headline for LinkedIn Profile

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When someone views your LinkedIn profile, they will see your name, what connection level you are with that person (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.), and your LinkedIn Headline.
In many cases, hiring managers and recruiters will make the decision to read your full LinkedIn profile based on just these three things. Consequently, a good LinkedIn Headline acts like a newspaper or magazine title. It gives the reader an idea of what your profile will include (just like a newspaper headline previews a story).
Your LinkedIn profile is a marketing piece — not a biography or a résumé. It’s not designed to outline your entire professional history. Instead, it provides enough information to get people to connect with you — and/or make a contact with you. Because it’s a marketing piece, you need to come up with a Headline that will
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How Technology Can Improve Team Collaboration

Everyday working life is constantly evolving, and it makes sense that where and how we work would is also changing. Not everyone wants to work in an office and there is plenty of alternatives to consider than only your morning commute.

Enter collaborative technologies and with them, a boom in users per day by the millions. Companies are becoming more flexible and accessible to their employees and partners. It has become clear that maintaining an enjoyable working environment is crucial, even when workers are not sat within reach of each other.

Finder compiled a number of studies that show that working remotely with these technologies meant 83% of employees didn’t feel they need an office to be productive. A lot of companies are looking to continue using software to blend home and office working into a hybrid style of working thanks to the continuing evolution of cloud solutions. In this … Read more

Persistence is powerful – here’s how to stay focused in your current job search

Not everyone kicking off a job search has an executive coach or mentor in their corner. And, that’s ok – these individuals come with a hefty price tag. But if you’ve had any career coaching in the past, you’ll know exactly what a high-level coach would tell you as you set out on this rewarding journey.

By Vanessa Rogers on behalf of Executive Placements

Here are five pieces of “executive coach” advice to take on board during any high-level career move:

• Searching for the right job, when you’ve reached executive level, can take time. To succeed, you’ll need to remain positive. This requires a holistic approach that includes sufficient sleep, exercise and downtime – particularly if you are on the hunt for that picture-perfect position, while simultaneously contracting or even working full time somewhere else.

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3 ways a jobs board could send your career into overdrive

Many senior executives claim they are hired via the simple act of word of mouth, or that a recruitment firm found them, chatted to them, and headhunted them. 

Sure, both methods can work in your favour when you’re looking to make the leap from an adequate, well-paying position to one that is more up your alley and even better paying – but let’s first consider the best way to be discovered, in the first place. 

By Vanessa Rogers on behalf of Executive Placements

Co-founder of Executive Placements, Charles Edelstein, explains that some senior executives prefer not to have a presence on a job portal because they are nervous about the extent of its visibility.  

However, while senior executives are often sourced via word of mouth, he explains that the top executive search companies and/or recruiters use a variety of different channels to map out their markets – from internal databases … Read more

What You Need in Order to Become a Trucker

One career that has some allure and nostalgic charm in the minds of many is being a truck driver. While the idea of traveling across the country for a living may be attractive to some, becoming a trucker is in no way easy or as simple as one might think. Beyond just having a high school diploma, there are a number of qualifications and other factors for you to consider. However, if you’re set on becoming a truck driver, below are some of the things you need in order to become a truck driver.

High School Diploma or GED

While you don’t really need a college degree to become a trucker driver, you still need some level of education. In this day and age to acquire almost any job, you should have graduated from high school or obtained the level of a high school education. If not, you should try Read more