Your LinkedIn Profile SEO

Based on my experience sourcing on LinkedIn, here is a list of profile hacks.

To be found more often, both on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter, do this:

  • When you enter your data, follow prompts and selections – do not enter unusually spelled names
  • Use your industry, not your company’s
  • Your companies should point to company pages on LinkedIn; same for schools
  • Use standard job titles (e.g., “Software Developer” not “Chief Coder”)
  • Do not enter years of study – this way, you will be found by any range of years of study
  • Add a degree or certification abbreviations to your last name
    • Otherwise, do not abbreviate words
  • LinkedIn does not search for words in the “Accomplished” sections. If you graduated with honors, got certified, or won a competition, say so in summary
  • Do not put closing dates on the last few jobs – you will then be found for each keyword
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How Oracle’s Profile Import Help Websites Perform Better?

The global talent marketplace is changing leaps and bounds, and so are the challenges that come with it. For decades, there’s been a significant gap between the employees and the recruiters, which has only been intensified.  

To address the paradox, when integrated with Oracle’s profile import plugin, the websites get better and greater access to a quality talent pool, an enhanced functionality, and a much better experience for the candidates, recruiters, and employees.

But why exactly would your website need the feature? Well, maybe this data helps better explain our point here.

Source: jobbatical 

Now that the stats prove a remarkable growth and demand in the job-employees ratio, here’s how the profile import feature by Oracle acts as a game-changer for both the candidate and the recruiter, encouraging a positive candidate experience. It

  • Facilitates the employees by fetching the elements from their profiles to the Cloud HCM profile without having

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Virtual Career Fair: Definition, Best Practices and Case Studies

The unprecedented pandemic Covid-19 leading to worldwide quarantine has created a visible shift in how businesses operate. As the world’s entering the “New Normal” and everything is slowly shifting to an online model now, recruiting is no exception. In case you are in need of a solution for online recruiting, a virtual career fair is the way to go.

Virtual recruiting, at heart, strikes a lot of similarity to traditional campus recruiting: Both aim at creating genuine connections with candidates and enriching your relationships with top talent. As simple as it sounds, it is a relatively new method compared to the traditions, so there are things no ultimate guide tells you. But we will, let’s dive in!

I. What Is Virtual Recruiting

First and foremost, we need to understand what virtual recruitment is.

Very simple, it’s when an employer utilizes the magic of the Internet to deploy career opportunities portal … Read more

Employee Positions You Need to Fill ASAP in Your SaaS Company

When you first launch a SaaS company, often, you and a handful of partners, if you have them, will likely take care of all the tasks required to get the business off the ground. Over time, though, as the company grows, you’ll need to bring on expert helping hands to manage the workload.

SaaS sales job recruiting services can assist you in identifying the professionals who will help your business transition from a startup into a full-fledged enterprise. If you’ve already entered the phase where you need to onboard new workers, here are the employee positions you need to fill ASAP in your SaaS company.

Customer Success Manager

The customer success manager will be the front-facing employee interacting with clients to build relationships, manage technical issues as they pop up, and build your brand.

Accordingly, a customer success manager should have strong interpersonal skills in addition to the hard knowledge Read more

A Guide to Running Virtual Company Events

If your company is running any events this year, you know it can be a big job. You need to ensure that there are enough supplies for the event, coordinate the staffing, and organize everything beforehand to go smoothly. And if you’re diversifying your business model and work with virtual teams around the world, running an event becomes even more complicated than it already is. This article will help you with a few tips to get things running smoothly.

1. Planning

If you’re planning an event, begin by thinking about the main points of the event. The more specific you are, the better it will be. For example, if you’re planning an anniversary party, plan what you want to do at that event. If it is a company picnic today, determine what activities will be featured for this year’s company picnic. You can have a few activities for when employees Read more