Can the rise of Employment Tribunals be managed?

In the same way that Employment Tribunals (ETs) increased following the 2008 banking crisis (and the resulting economic crash), there is a similar pattern in terms of numbers emerging today.

The latest figures published by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) show a sharp increase in cases brought to ETs. Alongside this is an increase in disputes which focus around working time and age discrimination, created by the increase in unemployment and altered working conditions. The report explains that these cases have been instigated by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Even in these difficult times of new legislation, regulation, and ever-changing complex government guidance, most employers still have their best interests at heart. However, despite good intentions, when addressing the changes caused by such unusual circumstances, employers seemingly fail to follow procedure with issues such as redundancy or retirement and make unnecessary mistakes which leave them open to claims and … Read more

Smart practices in AI matching and candidate sourcing.

At SmartSearch ATS we’re always looking at how to leverage the latest technology to give our users a more competitive advantage. We recently launched a new AI Smart module that adds a layer of artificial intelligence search to identify candidates that are not only a good fit for the job, it scores how well the job is a good fit for the candidate.

 Powered by Sovren’s AI Matching Engine, AI Smart learns how to apply context and meaning to search criteria so it “thinks” like a recruiter, not a machine.

Early adopters of AI Smart have made a few suggestions and provided feedback on best practices:

Write accurate job descriptions. A well-defined, detailed job description including skills and minimum qualifications will help AI Smart identify best matches.

Keep your candidate database current. AI Smart only recognize resumes or candidate profiles that are less than 18 months old. The implementation … Read more

Recruiting CRM vs ATS: What Are the Differences, and When Do You Need Them Both?

Cutting-edge technologies are breathing new life into the modern recruiting market. The two most favourite systems for leading talent acquisition professionals are Applicant tracking systems (ATS) and Candidates Relationship Management solutions (CRM). As a result, Applicantstack pointed out that 98% of 500 Fortune corporations plus about 66% of large-scale businesses recruit with an ATS.

ATSs and recruiting CRMs have turned into handy tools for talent acquisition professionals . However, there are still some recruiting teams that share the mindset that one solution is already enough. Although using only one specific solution is entirely normal, by not trying out the combined force of an ATS and a CRM, you might be missing out on some fantastic benefits unique to this cooperation.

Our article about recruiting CRM vs ATS will explain how these two unique systems work separately and as a combination to optimize your recruiting/hiring processes.

What Are ATS and Recruiting

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How to Make Your Data Migration Process Seamless and Secure?

Data migration is a crucial process that means moving data from various locations to an applicant tracking system. This might sound easy, but it involves a lot of changes.

Data migration becomes a need when an organization changes or upgrades its system. It is imperative that the organization must transfer all its old data to the new system and make things easier for the HR managers and recruiters.

Why Does Every ATS Need Data Migration?

Data migration is risky as you might lose your data or get corrupted data while transferring it. Recruiters have to deal with many such challenges while handling their database. They want to have a data migration process that is safe and secure. This is why organizations want a smooth data migration. And they look for an ATS that can offer a seamless migration service.

Challenges in Migrating Data

We have best-in-class applicant tracking systems … Read more

5 Best Practices to Implement Employee Incentive Programs

Motivating employees is the best thing an organization can do to improve employee engagement. Are you ready to implement employee incentive programs? This article provides ideas to overcome the dissatisfied workforce in your organization with employee incentive programs and ideas.  

The incentive programs present lots of benefits for both employees and employers. An employee incentive program helps to increase employee performance, employee engagement, and employee retention. 

Ways to implement employee incentive programs

Many companies take employee incentive programmes for granted and overlook this needed opportunity. When you have decided to start an incentive programme for your employees, you will need to know how it works. As a recruiter, you will need to create an employee incentive plan for this.

1. Plan your goals and objectives

To begin, you must comprehend why an employee incentive plan is necessary. As a result, you must start with your objectives and goals. Here Read more