Trailer Towing Tips: How to Prevent Trailer Sway

There are few things more frightening while towing your recreational vehicle than trailer sway. A sudden gust, a passing semi-truck or a quick steering correction can start your trailer swaying or fishtailing. The loss of control can mean tipping your valuable recreational vehicle or causing a serious accident.

Even the most experienced drivers have lost control of their towed trailers with disastrous results. A brief encounter with sway on the highway can quickly put a damper on your vacation and make you think about putting the camper back in the garage or up for sale. These tips can help you understand what causes trailer sway, as well as help keep your RV upright.

What causes trailer sway?

Below are common causes of trailer sway when towing a trailer.

Hitch adjustments

Any trailer towed with a hitch set behind the rear axle of the tow vehicle can sway or fishtail while … Read more

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Holds Above its Key Support, Consolidating Around $9,634

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction – May 18

BTC is currently consolidating and seems to be preparing for the next move either above $10,000 or towards $9,500.

BTC/USD Long-term Trend: Bullish (Daily Chart)

Key levels:

Resistance Levels: $11,000, $11,200, $11,400

Support Levels: $8,200, $8,000, $7,800

BTCUSD – Daily Chart

Looking at the daily chart, BTC/USD is trading at $9,634 following a minor correction from the intraday high at $9,966. The technical indicator RSI (14) clearly shows that the bulls are in control and could continue to pull the price upwards. But the same bulls are also facing their ultimate test to break the key $10,000 resistance zone. Meanwhile, if this resistance is conquered, more buyers may likely join the market in order to capitalize on a possible breakout towards the high of $10,500.

However, the Bitcoin price was rejected at the important level above $9,966; much like it was at $10,000. … Read more

Are There Car Insurance Discounts for Safe and Low-Mileage Drivers?

Insurance customers are often eager to save money, and insurance companies have continued finding ways to help them lower their premium costs. One way that companies reward drivers who don’t log a lot of time behind the wheel is to give them low-mileage discounts for driving less.

The costs of premiums vary from state to state. Some states require insurers to factor in the estimated annual mileage when they set rates.[1] Why does this matter? In California, increasing estimated miles from 5,000 miles to 20,000 miles per year equates to approximately a 25 percent premium hike.[2] Insurance companies can make incremental increases for drivers who put more miles on their cars, although the differences are typically not as significant as in the Golden State.[3]

Still, saving money on your car insurance can help you out financially, and the idea of saving money by driving less is one … Read more Starts Shipping Out Visa Cards to 31 European Countries

On Friday, stated that it had started shipping its crypto-to fiat card, dubbed the MCO Visa across the European Union’s various countries. A total of 31 countries within Europe, including the 27 member states of the EU. According to the blog post, these countries will now have access to a card that allows its users to pay in crypto. The company, based in Hong Kong, had received initial approval for the program by the relevant European markets back in October of last year.

Expanding Into European Soil

In opposition stands one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world: Coinbase. The company’s own card had been made available to 29 nations across Europe, as per the statement of its FAQs.

Previously, MCO Visa cards were only available within Asia and the US. On another note, however, made it clear on Thursday that its US cardholders will … Read more

Which Usage-Based Car Insurance is Best for You?


• If you’re a safe or low-mileage driver you may be able to save now
• Nationwide offers two usage-based insurance options that may be right for you
• Talk to your insurance agent about the best fit for you

You may be wondering which usage-based insurance (UBI) program would best suit you. UBI programs and the customized options they can provide are becoming the choice for a growing number of drivers. Carriers that can tailor auto insurance coverages and options based on the unique needs of all the drivers in a household are giving customers the control they’re looking for from a car insurance company.

Nationwide offers two usage-based insurance programs

There are two UBI options that could help you save, depending on how you drive. SmartRide® offers a discount based on how safely you drive. SmartMiles® provides a rate based on how much you drive. … Read more