Mark Cuban Keeps Talking About This 1 Simple Productivity Habit That Divides Successful People From Everyone Else

Also, being a billionaire. 

But if there’s one other thing he’s known for, and has been highly consistent about over the years, it’s a productivity habit that he’s articulated again and again.

It comes down to this: Fewer meetings, more emails. 

“No meetings or phone calls unless I’m picking up a check,” he told Thrive Global in 2016. “Everything is email.”

“I’m not big on ‘Let’s go eat lunch” meetings,”he told in  in 2014. “The only way you’re going to get me for a meeting is if you’re writing me a check. Same with phone calls. They’re a waste of time.”

“Yes,” he said in a highly meta video last year, in which he referenced his Inc. interview while editing his own Wikipedia page to reflect his anti-meeting mantra. “I hate meetings. Nobody likes meeting expect the people who bring the donuts and the people who like

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A Winning Combination: ATS and CRM

With the growing technology, the recruitment process is also evolving rapidly. It can be tough for us to keep up with the emerging platforms and trends gaining ground every day. Nowadays, the software is efficient enough to deliver expected results. With a single recruitment platform, organizations branch into discrete tools for different recruitment funnel stages.

All from other recruitment tools, two of them are typically taking the central stage, i.e., Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Candidate Relationship Manager (CRM). These two might seem identical because they both deal with incoming data of candidates. But under the hood, both have a specialized role to play in the recruiting process.

Let us check out the purpose of these tools and see if you can use one without the other.


What Do They Mean: ATS and CRM?

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Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Upside Momentum Under Threat as Bulls Fail to Break $11,000 Resistance Convincingly

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction – September 20, 2020
BTC/USD has finally broken above the $11,000 resistance but BTC price is not well above the support levels. For the upside momentum to be actualized fully, the BTC price must be between levels $11,200 to $11,400.

Resistance Levels: $10,000, $11, 000, $12,000
Support Levels: $7,000, $6,000, $5,000

BTC/USD – Daily Chart

Today, the coin rebounded and reached the $11,200 high. Immediately, BTC was retracing from the recent high. The market is showing bearish signals. On the downside, if price retraces to the support of the EMAs; the coin will resume a fresh uptrend. Today, BTC is trading at $11,080 at the time of writing. In the same vein, if price falls and finds support above $11,000, BTC will resume a fresh uptrend. Conversely, if price breaks the EMAs or below the $11,000 support, the upside momentum will be invalidated. The … Read more

TikTok May Have Been Saved From a Ban, But It’s Still Bad News In Ways You Might Not Expect

On Friday, the Trump administration announced that it will, in fact, ban TikTok and WeChat effective Sunday night. Since then TikTok revealed that it had finalized a deal with Oracle and Walmart to become a U.S. company and the Trump administration has signed off.

In the midst of it all, it’s worth considering what the bans really mean and whether we should be worried. It’s easy to make the case that because both companies have ties to China, there are  obvious national security concerns. That’s true, though, for very different reasons for each company.

On the other hand, the idea that the government is ordering Apple and Google to remove apps from their app stores, even though those apps serve hundreds of millions of users, should be alarming to everyone. That’s a slippery slope that doesn’t usually end well. It doesn’t take much for the government to find a

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Use These 7 New Tips To Improve Your Candidate Experience

Nowadays, candidate experience is paramount, and it’s more than a passing trend. The way recruitment gets done has changed. The current job market is candidate-driven. It is not about you picking the candidate now the candidate chooses a company based on candidate experience. That’s why it’s necessary for your company to ace the candidate experience. 

Now, the candidates are far more selective and looking to find a match that’s beneficial for them. What does it mean for the employer? When you are competing to land the best talent out there, there’s no room for delays & lacklustre hiring process. The candidate experience matters a lot whether they get hired or not because it contributes to the reputation of the company. 

According to a statistic, nearly four out of five jobs applicants believe that the candidate experience serves as the valid indicator of how a company values its people. Another statistic Read more