President Donald Trump Not Happy With Bitcoin

While the US government doesn’t support Bitcoin and President Donald Trump has expressed his displeasure with the currency, the Department of Defense may have had other plans.

New documents reveal all

According to new documents from the Pentagon, revealed by The Intercept, the US Department of Defense had carved out many scenarios that involved Generation Z rebellions using Bitcoin to sabotage the “establishment.” In the war game, the Pentagon focused on young people born between the mid-1990s to early 2010s using cyber-attacks for stealing money and converting it into Bitcoin.

The war game, titled the 2018 Joint Land, Air and Sea Strategic Special Program (JLASS) is set in 2025 and intends to reflect a more plausible depiction of major influences and trends in the world regions. The scenario goes along the lines of protests around the world including racial injustice which will include members of the Gen Z calling themselves “agents for social change.” They will believe that the system is rigged against them and start a “global cyber campaign to expose injustice and corruption and to support causes it deem[s] beneficial.”

In the war game, a group called Zbellion encourages cyber-attacks on different organizations that support the establishment. They would steal cash and convert it into Bitcoin to make small donations to the Zbellion members who will be called “worthy recipients.”

Other scenarios included too

In the war game scenario, the department also included anti-capitalist extremists as well as Islamist militants. It was conducted by the students and faculty members of the war colleges of the US military, which acts as a training ground for prospective admirals and generals. The war game documents were revealed after Matt Gaetz, a Florida Republican Representative called on the government to freeze the money of demonstrators who participated in the country-wide protests of George Floyd. Protests have also turned violent this month.

Bitcoin and crypto consultant Nathaniel Whittemore said, “One of the most important tools in the authoritarian toolkit is the ability to freeze the funding of legitimate political dissent. By separating the infrastructure of money from the infrastructure of state power, bitcoin makes it that much harder for this type of politically motivated confiscation.”

The war game analyses scenarios like this and their possible impact on the nation.