Top 5 Reasons for A Sudden Fall in Your Website Traffic

In this digital world, for many organizations, relevant website traffic is an essential part of their business. Organizations believe that the more applicable website traffic they have, the more opportunities they have to make their brand known. Therefore, a steep and sudden drop in site traffic ultimately affects the growth of the organization. There might be different possibilities for why your website traffic has been declining. 

I believe one of the major factors that causes a sudden fall in your website traffic is poor candidate experience. Imagine what would happen if your career page has lengthy forms, complicated login pages, etc.? Applicants either drop off or end up rejecting your application. By improving this factor, you will increase your traffic by 50{998ff540fe94a59c7c9828c4dd5223100610db67cea90947d11644c77e05f5f4}. Introduce AI tools like resume parsing software to shorten the job application forms, help applicants apply on the go, save their time, and provide a good candidate experience. 

In this blog, I share a few guidelines that will help you find a few more factors that cause a sudden fall in your website traffic.

1. Make Sure that the Collected Data is Correct: Before taking any steps to control the damage, make sure you are dealing with the updated and corrected data. Nowadays, we rely a lot on the internet, which can sometimes lead us to erroneous data. So, the first step is to log into your admin account and inspect the codes to check for any delays in the reporting data. Collect all the missing pieces and get ready for the next step. 

2. Keep a Close Eye on Algorithm Updates: We all know that Google releases multiple updates throughout the year. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get the details of the changes Google does in its algorithms. However, an easy way to get information on algorithm change is to use the SEMrush Sensor tool from SEMrush. If you come to know that there has been a recent update, I’d recommend you spend time analyzing the most affected sites and do the needful. This will help you ensure that your site does not suffer downfall in traffic.  

3. Check Google Penalties: A sudden fall in traffic can also mean you have been penalized from Google. If your website has been disobeying some of the recommended rules and regulations, Google can penalize you. The most common reason for the violation is due to some weak links in the code. Inspect with SEO experts that will result in better on and off-page optimization. Experts can easily read into the results and can resolve the concern on a priority basis.

4. Offer Qualitative Content: One of the issues that can slow-bleed the traffic from your website is the quality of the content published on your website. The audience is following the trends and listening to reviews, so keep a check for anything that could have caused any problem. Negative reviews can drive away potential audiences and clients. Try to find out these negative reviews and resolve them as soon as possible.

5. Carefully Redesign Your Website Pages: Whenever you migrate your website from one domain to another, keep in mind to provide a proper redirect to the old pages. However, if you had correctly moved the pages, it would take its rightful place in approximately 2-3 weeks. Without redirection, all backlinks to the old landing page become useless for the new page. As a result, search bot will no longer count them during new landing assessment. 

A sudden fall in your traffic can have plenty of reasons, and for each of those numerous variables should be considered. The perfect way you can solve the problem is to investigate all the data thoroughly. You can even invest in professionals’ services to help you speed up the analysis. 

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