Top DeFi Coins Today

DeFi coins have become the talk of the digital asset world due to the rising significance of decentralized finance as an emerging sector of the Blockchain Protocol.

DeFi aims to transform the way financial transactions take place by eliminating the role of intermediaries like banks and financial institutions. This is why more and more people are investing in DeFi platforms through DeFi coins.

Given below is a list of the top 5 DeFi coins as of today. Those looking to invest can use this guide to choose the token they want to invest in.

Top 5 DeFi Coins Today

1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK)

LBLOCK is the native token of Lucky Block. Lucky Block is a blockchain-based lottery platform, the first of its kind. Being hosted on the blockchain, it ensures the utmost transparency of the lottery process.

It is being built on the Binance Smart Chain, which supports smart contract functionality.

LBLOCK is used for performing various tasks in the LuckyBlock ecosystem, like buying lottery tickets and distributing prizes. However, what makes LBLOCK more popular as a crypto is the opportunity for revenue generation.

Users can earn passive income through their LBLOCK holdings in the form of a dividend. 10% of each lottery jackpot is designated for LBLOCK holders from which the dividend is paid out.

It is currently trading at around $0.0023. The token is relatively new in the market and has managed to achieve good growth in its price in a short span of time. The token price is expected to reach $0.010 by the end of 2022.

It is available on PaincakeSwap.

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2. Yearn.Finance (YFI)

The Yearn Finance is a DeFi project specializing in decentralized financial services that facilitate peer-to-peer lending services (loan) without having any financial institutions as intermediaries.

It also does not require any credit check process. This is why it becomes easier for people to get loans in times of need. The process is simpler and less time-consuming than traditional methods.

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The funds are sourced by investors with idle crypto holdings. By providing their cryptos to Yearn.Finance, they can earn an attractive rate of interest in return. YFI is the DeFi coin that is required to invest in Yearn.Finance.

The coin’s market cap as reported by CoinMarketCap is $323 million and the current trading price is $8,834.58.

There is a limited supply of this token, which keeps a check on the price level. Since its launch in 2020, the coin has witnessed a growth of over 10000%. It has huge potential for growth in the future as the demand for DeFi financial services is also rising with time.

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3. Uniswap (UNI)

UNI is the native DeFi coin of the Uniswap Platform. This platform supports peer-to-peer swapping of ERC-20 tokens without any centralized parties involved. As such, traders do not need to incur high commission charges on their transactions as opposed to the rates charged by centralized exchanges.

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Another major difference between centralized exchanges and Uniswap is that the former requires the parties to provide liquidity to perform the P2P transaction while the latter completes the transaction automatically on a swap rate calculated on the basis of various factors like demand, volume, market cap, etc. This is why this platform is highly in demand among crypto investors and traders.

UNI is currently ranked at No.4 DeFi Coin in CoinMarketCap in terms of market cap. Currently trading at around $5.49, the coin has witnessed 0.96% growth in the last 24 hours and 10.64% growth over the previous 7 days.

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4. Cosmos (ATOM)

ATOM is the native DeFi token of the Cosmos project. It is one of the top-rated projects in the DeFi sector because it facilitates cross-blockchain interaction. This means that users from two competing blockchains can exchange data and tokens seamlessly without any barriers. That is why it is dubbed the “Internet of blockchains”.

Being the native token of the cosmos, ATOM plays a crucial role in all its functionalities. It helps in tracking and keeping a record of Cosmos blockchains. Owning and staking ATOM provide the holders with the right to vote on upgrades to the Cosmos network.

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ATOM staking helps traders earn an attractive passive income of up to 10%. They can do so by exchanging their idle ATOM cryptos for the operation of the Cosmos blockchain. In return, they are paid a bonus of around 10%. Staking can be done on popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, etc.

The current trading price of the coin is $10.78, which is predicted to reach over $30 by the end of 2022. The DeFi sector is currently in its nascent stage. Major developments and improvements are on their way.

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5. SushiSwap (SUSHI)

SUSHI is the native DeFi token of the SushiSwap project. SushiSwap is yet another crypto trading platform like UniSwap that does away with the need for a centralized exchange (third-party middleman) to perform trading transactions. However, what makes it unique are some additional features and functionalities.

SushiSwap uses a liquidity pool created by crypto holders by locking their assets into smart contracts. SUSHI is distributed to the liquidity providers via liquidity mining. They also earn attractive rewards in return.

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SUSHI holders earn governance right in the protocol. This means they can propose changes to how the protocol operates or recommend improvement proposals. They can also cast their votes on submitted proposals by other users.

SUSHI’s current trading price is $1.71, and its market cap is $217 million. Its last 7 days’ growth is 31.06%. The 2022 forecast predicts its price to reach around $8 by the end of the year. In the coming years, the platform is set to make breakthrough improvements that would move the price up to $12 by the end of 2023.

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If you are looking to invest in DeFi coins, you can choose from the above list of 5 coins that are currently in huge demand and have good growth potential. You can buy the coins from platforms such as FCA-regulated eToro,, and others.

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