Twitter Search Strings for Recruiters Looking for Work


As a recruiter open to new opportunities, do you know how to search Twitter for your next recruiter job? If you don’t know how to search Twitter well enough to find the #recruiting job you are looking for or even aren’t aware of what Twitter can do for you in your job search, look no further! Our #ebook – “Twitter Search Strings for #Recruiters Looking for Work” will explain all that and more.

Among other things, Proactive Talent hires contract recruiters for on-demand recruiting projects. If interested in working with us in the future, please tell us about the types of recruiting projects you have worked on in the past. (Page 2 in the ebook)

Also, join our #talentcommunity where we share periodic updates on new projects we are hiring for, industry related information and more. (Page 2 in the ebook)

Please share with the recruiters in your network. #jobhunting

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