Why Discovering Your Purpose Will Make You a Better Business Owner

In today’s work-centric society, what you do has become synonymous with who you are. 

But I have come to find that your life intention isn’t what you do; it’s who you are. Purpose is your way of living, and only you can offer it to the world. If you’re an entrepreneur creating a purpose-driven business, the more you step into your true purpose, the stronger you will show up each day for your business, colleagues, and customers. 

If things aren’t perfectly aligned in your life or business, that doesn’t matter. True purpose can be uncovered in crisis. When you choose to show up as your best self, even when it feels as though the world feels is against you, that is when you know your steps are rooted in something timeless.

Instead of focusing on your next business financial budget or marketing campaign, carve out time to focus on connecting more to your personal purpose. Focus on showing up fully as who you are. Here are three considerations to guide you along the way.  

1. Take inventory of your character.

In order to live a purpose-driven life, knowing who you are is non-negotiable. If you don’t have clarity around who you are, you can’t give your best. 

Build a strong foundation around who you are in order to identify and live out what makes you unique. Start by taking personality tests to identify your strengths and natural character attributes. Identify your values by figuring out what matters most to you in life. I once worked with a values coach to create direction in my life. Once I was able to define these values, it became clear where I should spend my focus each day.

So often we see ourselves through a single lens, but adding outside perspective brings a truth you aren’t always aware of. Talk with mentors, friends, and family members to see what they value in you. Their feedback acts as verification of whether what you see in yourself is accurate or aspirational. For me, people value the level of compassion I offer along with my ability to be present. These are attributes I personally value and know lead to the biggest impact.  

Through identifying your values, characteristics, and motivators you can live a more fulfilling life and know exactly how to show up. 

2. Changing the world starts with making your bed.

If you want to make a large impact on the world, start by making a large impact on what is directly in front of you. 

Instead of getting wrapped up in the larger picture of how big to expand your business or how much money you can make, focus on showing up as your best self in every action that you take, every day. If you don’t lay each individual brick as perfectly as you can, you will never have the wall you dream of building.

Whether this looks like preparing to conduct a podcast interview, lead a team meeting, connect with a potential business partner, or yes, make your bed, ask yourself how you can bring yourself to each moment and action. If you value honesty and are a humorous person, bring this to the table every day. All of the small moments where you are being your truest self and giving your all will lead to creating a giant world of success.

3. Design an environment that allows who you are to show up.

Execute being yourself as though it is your only job. If you want to show up as your highest self you must live into it. That starts with adding rituals into your day that act as reminders of who you are and what you want. I have a ritual every morning where I sit down and review who I am. I have my values printed out in my shower, and I have affirmations that I recite out loud every day. 

So while you may not have a million business, you sure can act as though you do. While you may not have the leadership status or presence in the industry you desire, you can show up to a meeting or call as though you do. The more you live into what you want to become, the easier it will be to attain. 

Purpose is nothing more than being who you are. Take the time now to figure out who that is and bring this version of yourself into every single thing you do. You’ll be shocked at the impact you naturally create.

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